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Autumn preview

Started by shawnb61, Sep 03, 2022, 02:50 AM

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Another one has been sub'd, & not yet approved...  You get a preview here!

Features are similar to my others (Starflight, Cotton Candy, Blue Mood):
 - User control of the entire palette, without editing .css, on Admin | Current Theme
 - Colors even propogate to editor, banners, svgs (again, no .css editing)
 - Auto banner (unless otherwise specified)
 - Animations

BUT, to emulate falling leaves, I had to write a simple 2D graphics shape routine for this one.  Wanna see what that looks like in .js? 

To preview, download the attached .zip.



I love the idea of how the background woks! Great job!

I also looked at some of your photos and liked them. I'm an amateur photographer and my daughter went to college for it. When she was a teen we would go to hiking trails and forests to take photos of the wildlife.  We also loved taking photos of fireworks. LOL But y camera has been broken for a number of years and I haven't replaced it yet. :(


Nice theme. Colors are easy on the eyes and it's got a flow to it if ya know what I mean. Also, like the background. Nice effect for sure. I think I would change the board icons though. Just my opinion of course. Good work though. :rgton
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