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Google Analytics or???

Started by [chrisB], Mar 18, 2023, 05:07 PM

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I haven't Google Analytics for years now, but I am curious if anyone uses them or a different one?

Back when I did use it, I know people were singing the praises of an alternative, but I don't remember its name. I don't really worry about the stuff some go on about Google using the info gathered for alternative means - like selling data.


I don't use it. I mean I hook it up I guess but never pay any attention to it.(I don't think it's on this site at all) This site doesn't need a lot of advertising or anything.
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I think the other one you are thinking of is piwik it has changed names to matomo now.


I have Google Analytics for my sites, though like Bigguy I don't really do much with it.  I also use Google AdSense. 

I'll be honest and say I find Googles UI's very confusing to use, everything links together somewhere along the line.


I use Google analytics on Wordpress sites but generally rely on the info panel from a plugin rather than go to the GA site to make sense of it.
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