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WiFi protocol flaw allows attackers to hijack network traffic

Started by Skhilled, Apr 02, 2023, 09:23 PM

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Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a fundamental security flaw in the design of the IEEE 802.11 WiFi protocol standard, allowing attackers to trick access points into leaking network frames in plaintext form.



Quote"Cisco also recommends implementing transport layer security to encrypt data in transit whenever possible because it would render the acquired data unusable by the attacker," reads the Cisco security advisory.

TLS is generally enabled by default anyway (I think) so should be OK.
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"IF" you are using modern software. There's a lot of users and companies who don't, unfortunately and is why they tend to get hacked. It costs a company a lot of money to upgrade they hardware, software, etc. especially if they are a large company and is why they often don't do it. About 2 years ago I went to my bank's ATM for a withdrawal. Something was wrong with it and the Windows 7 logo appeared! I was so pissed off! How could a bank of all things keep using outdated software? I switched banks!


Not so long ago, I had to see a nurse, and she was using her works laptop, It had Windows XP!  :dontknow  :o

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