Redesigning my theme

Started by live627, Mar 02, 2020, 05:38 AM

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I had a nice post written up about this but accidentally hit the back button on my mouse so now you get a mess because I don't care to redo.

I'm making a theme out of my old one and wanted feedback on it. I'm hopping to achieve a minimal look without much perceived complexity.;theme=9

Heres' the old design for reference;theme=4

Attached are four screenshots. The message index now seems too busy.

The orange may be a bit off, though; might need changed.


Maybe change the text color. Other than that I personally like it. :rgton



Looks good to me, But I have always liked light themes, nothing wrong with text that I can see. :rgton

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Quote from: live627 on Mar 03, 2020, 02:54 AMChange the text color?
I don't made sense when I said it. Now I can't think why, lol. Maybe something along the same lines but a different shade. Not sure what I was thinkin.


Personally, I agree about the orange text. one some pages like the boardindex it seem a tad hard to read. But, themes are a matter of personal taste so if you like it, keep it. :)

Otherwise, everything else looks good.


I personally prefer the old one, it might have too many background colors, but that's better than none at all imho, hard for the eye to tell the elements apart. A minimal design does have a minimal amount of background colors, but not none, and it usually focuses on small details like spacing out the elements and using slightly different text styles.


That's a good point (I agree re the backgrounds issue) but reading the requests on the simplemachines forum there seems to be a demand for these type of themes.
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