Apple Reportedly Set To Announce End Of iTunes

Started by Skhilled, Jun 01, 2019, 11:42 PM

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I've spent a lot of money buying songs from them. They'd better be able to be played on the new app or reimburse me!


Just thought about this...will the new apps work with current car radios that allow you to play your device through it? They're going to piss a lot of people off if this doesn't go well...


I haven't used iTunes in years, though I don't really download much music these days either. I still prefer good old fashioned CDs and radio.
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Me too but I do like itunes. I can keep all of my tunes in one place and play them using my car stereo and create playlists. What I don't like about the new updates is a subscription service that I'd have to pay for monthly instead of per song. unless I can download whatever I want during a month.


On my PC I use mediamonkey (free version) rather than itunes.

Well, I did until I bought a bloody ipad.... now iTunes seems to be the main way of getting stuff from my pc to the ipad.  So not sure how that will work in future....
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