Microsoft Warning Impacts 800M Windows 10 Computers

Started by Skhilled, Aug 14, 2019, 01:48 PM

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There are two really bad exploits that are wormable. This is like the old "Worm Hole" exploit that can just from device to device without your knowledge! Microsoft is advising that EVERYONE updates IMMEDIATELY! Read this article:

There are two patches available. If you've just got an update from Microsoft within the past day or so, you may already have the required patches installed. To check and see, go to Settings, Updates & Security, and click on "View update history".

Go to these two pages and choose the patch for your type of system:


What if your in the insider program. Do these patches work then or are we safe from this ??


Not sure...haven't read anything about that but would "assume" that if you get nightly's or something like that they would patch it.


I think I am patched. I checked version numbers today.