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Hell, I don't even talk a lot on the phone. LOL But would rather do that. ;) I text my daughter and her mom mostly but usually don't text. I just use the cell for reading emails mostly, if they are important. Otherwise, I wait until I get home and do things on the PC cause it's more secured.

I use Bitdefender Security on all of my devices and have FastVPN (Namecheap's VPN and is mostly cheaper than the others and works well).
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Last post by Bigguy - Today at 10:54 AM
An email server would be nice if I used it a lot. I don't think I do enough to justify that work for me. I'm more old school. I don't even like getting texts let alone emails. You wanna talk to me. :peace
Just saw this and although it may require a bit of work I think I'll try it but on a separate hosting other than my own to make it more secure. ;)

MailCow is the email service they use:
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Last post by Bigguy - Today at 10:33 AM
I don't use wireless either. I game so being wired right to the router is a must. Plus, I've never liked wireless. Waaay to insecure.
Yeah, I don't use my cell much either but may stop using wifi as much. At home, I use my PC and it it uses ethernet, not wifi (no wifi on my mobo...too old, LOL). My cell and tablet use wifi. So, I may just cut off wifi for my cell and tether my tablet to the cell if I need net for it since I almost always keep both with me.
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Last post by Bigguy - Today at 10:22 AM
Google is pure evil, along with any other company that spies on you. I don't use my cell much. Mostly for talking to the wife about what we are havin for diner, lol. Pigeons would be better than tin cans for sure, lol. :rgton
LMAO, or carrier pigeons. LOL

Using apps like CCleaner, Glary's Utilities, etc. will help clean your devices. And I have always wondered if there was a way to "De-Google" your cell and have finally found it! Watch his other vids to see how. This will involve installing a new OS on the cell to get rid of Google. I may be willing to go through the process just to clear it. :)

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Last post by Bigguy - Today at 09:43 AM
Privacy is a huge issue these days. My brother and I found that when we talk on our phone together that ads get served up to both of us on the topics we were talking about on the phone. It's very unsafe out there these days to talk about anything. We talk on a landline to cell so they are listening in any way they can.

Also, the Canadian Gov. just got caught spying on a ton of Canadians through some app. Maybe a covid app, I'm not sure but just downloading the app is an agreement between you and them to let them spy on you. It's screwed. Privacy is gone unless you use two tin cans and a string, lol.
Odysee is a platform similar to YouTube but without their privacy flaws. More and more people are starting to use it.
I've been sitting here watching a few of his videos. He is VERY good and makes a lot of sense. I am very concerned about my privacy and this is helping me a lot!

I recently created my own email server but the software I was using had issues. I will try it again another way and using other software. ;)

I've already known about Google's practices ever since I had purchased something using my gmail account and they contacted me asking how I liked the serve from the company I purchased from. That sent up a red flag and caused me to want to create my own email server. Yes, I could use any of the cpanel account I own or use but I don't trust them either. :dontknow
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