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How do I prevent discord links from being included:
- in posts?
- in signatures?

and yes I mean discord specifically, not all links (the latter will be member group based)


I'd like to add fields for the following:
YouTube Channel (x2)

How do I know what 'code' to use in the "admin - configuration - profile fields" section?

Examples would be most welcome :)Read More

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I'm a member of a forum running SMF 2.0.15. The forum has a bug where new posts get truncated. It happens when users type an apostrophe, every character after the apostrophe is lost. For example, if they try to post:

I don't know why this happens.

It will read

I don

The problem does not seem to affect


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:emb :emb :embRead More


I've posted a question in cPanel forums asking if there was a way to revert back to the state it was in when you first installed it. Of course, there isn't a way to do this...yet. So, I've added a Feature Request to add this so it works to make things user friendly for everyone. :)Read More

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This is very useful site with info all about email blacklists, blacklisting, phishing, etc.


This is their tool to lookup to see if a domain is blackisted and possible ways to help fix it:



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