My New Monitor!

Started by Skhilled, Nov 17, 2021, 12:15 PM

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Lately, my monitor would keep blinking rapidly until the Welcome screen would show. This started maybe a week or so ago soon after a windows upgrade. I assumed it was the upgrade but after a 2nd one some days later it was still doing it.

2 days ago, I turned it on and it continued to blink well after it was fully loaded! I figured it had to be the monitor or the video card. I assumed it was the monitor since I've updated the video card twice recently. I decided to buy a new monitor quickly since my current one was over 5 years old. I ordered it Monday and it s delivered Tuesday evening...yes, I paid extra for for that thinking the monitor may die soon.

Yesterday morning there was a windows fixed the issue! LOL I needed a new monitor eventually so I didn't cancel the new one and am very glad I didn't!  8)

It has a ton of great features. It may take me awhile to figure them all out. The biggest thing is the size!!! My old monitor was 22" and this one is 28". Feels like I have to look back and forth across the room to see from one side of it to the other. LMAO I guess I just have to get used to the new size. And the colors are so amazing and vibrant!!!


Very nice lookin. Your gonna love it. I don't have one that big, I run two. Both are 22 inch. I was runnin three for a bit but it was to crowded on my desk, plus one was through usb so it was real slow really, like bein on a dx486, lmao.


Yeah, I never realized how slow my old one was until I loaded this one...especially with hdmi! Even the PC boots much faster! LOL


I noticed that two when I got my new monitors. :rgton


I also made sure I got new 4K HDMI cables and am glad I did cause the monitor didn't come with them and I was unaware of this.



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Thanks, guys!

EDIT: And welcome aboard, smfturk! ;)