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cbi Custom Board Icons


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CBI Modification
This modification gives you the ability to change the default board icons to ones you choose. All that must be done is; install this package through the package manager, make an icons folder in the theme directory that you are using. One more folder inside that for each board and place your icons there. Keep in mind that this modification only installs to the default theme, if you are using a custom theme with "BoardIndex.template.php" and "MessageIndex.template.php" files, they will have to be modified manually. Those are the only two files this package modifies. Follow the file structure listed below.

New Changes:
-Updated for latest SMF ver.
-License change
-Updated for 2.0.6 - 9
-Updated for 2.0.5
-Readme Updated
-license added

- License change complete

cbi 195 - version update - Installs with 2.0.15