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cPanel Now Supports Ubuntu 20.04 LTS!

Started by Skhilled, Mar 21, 2022, 04:53 PM

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cPanel® Version 102 has reached the RELEASE tier! For more information on upgrading to v102 and some of the new features within this version, visit our release notes here:



They have released it and I've upgraded WHM. It has the new GUI like cPanel does and a new feature for editing the SQL configuration.

Now I can create a new VPS with Ubuntu and move the shared accounts to it instead of using CentOS. :rgton


If you wanted to move from CentOS to Ubuntu you should have just gone with Plesk, which has supported Ubuntu 20 since mid-2020 :P
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I've considered it but am not sure how my customers would like it since most are used to cPanel and may not like the change. I may even setup a VPS with it on it and let them see how it works for some input.


You can get a 14-day trial license of Plesk from their website. It does take a bit of getting used to when you're used to cPanel but I find it much nicer and easier to use.
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I had it awhile back...remember? There was a topic here about it somewhere and we talked about it. I had it for several month playing with it.