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CVE-2024-6387 update OpenSSH

Started by Neša, Jul 01, 2024, 09:28 PM

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There is a new vulnerability that can be used to get root access, you should update your openssh install as soon as possible.


Thanks for the update. I used to play around with it but not now. At least, I can let others know about it. :)


I thought I'd share it, I get threat reports at work usually they are reports for expensive business software. This time it was for OpenSSH and it came in as a critical so I thought I'd share it.

Debian was very quick to fix it, red hat fixed it later on but only RHEL 9 is effected the others seem to use an older non effected version.


I plan to build a new PC and dual-boot Win and linux again. Then I can keep up with more than just the linux server stuff.

I've been getting security email for many years and always share them to help protect others no matter what software that use. :)


I can pass along all of the information if people would like. Just that sometimes the software is enterprise and very expensive I don't think people here would be using it.