Creating Strong, Yet Easy-to-Memorize Passwords

Started by Skhilled, May 11, 2020, 08:05 AM

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Here's a useful article showing how to not only create strong passwords but how to help you remember them.

QuoteHow to create a strong password:

Step 1 – think of a word that is meaningful to you or your purpose. For the sake of the example, we'll choose "password"
Step 2 – add case sensitivity for some of the letters; for instance – PASSword
Step 4 – add numbers that are meaningful to you between the letters – PASS26word
Step 5 – increase the length and strength of the password with symbols and punctuation. – !PASS26word
Step 6 – Consider putting this word in a phrase or a silly (and hard to predict) maths equation: iLove!PASS26word or !PASS26word +5 = Onehundred
Step 7 – Since cybercriminals typicalls use a "dictionary attack" to "guess" passwords., add a word in another language: !PASS26wordHOLA