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Started by Skhilled, Dec 12, 2020, 11:41 PM

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The updates keep getting better and better!!! I love the grouped tabs and now they are even better! :hdan

This update to v3.5 has a lot of goodies!

1.  Improved tab control and managing of tabs.

2.  Media playback improvements

3.  Easy sharing of URLs with QR Codes

4.  Menu customization

5.  Single Key Shortcuts improvements

6.  New accept-language setting

7.  Other additions...

See the full story here:


Looks like they have done a crap load of work to it. Cool. :rgton


They are constantly updating it. I LOVE the way you can group tabs (called a tab stack) and rename them. I have multiple tabs enclosed into one tab stack and have renamed them such as the "Recipes" and "SEO" tabs. If you hover over them you'll see the screenshots for the pages as well as the domain names of the pages. :)

To add multiple tabs into a stacked tab is easy. Just grab the tab and slide it over the tab you wish to stack it into. When you see the tab change color release the mouse button and it will be stacked. To rename a tab just right-click and choose "Rename Tab Stack".


I didn't realize that browser was still around. I'll have to play with it again at some point.
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Never went anywhere and just keeps getting better and better! It has the best features, imo. It's also based on Chromium so it would be great for Chrome lovers. I'm not a fan of Chrome because of the lack of security from Google's tracking, etc. but love this browser!

They do work hard at fixing bugs and patches regularly. :)