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Started by Skhilled, Jul 07, 2022, 09:47 AM

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Please take a look at the main menu in the link below. You'll see that the active button and all buttons that you hover over will show a dark gray triangle at the bottom of the buttons. I'm trying to accomplish the same for the #Top_info but can't seen to get it right:



It looks like the two buttons at the top are overlapping the top bar. On my screen anyway. Maybe this is some of your problem. Like the buttons look to wide for the top bar by a pixel or two.
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Try changing too...
   height: 47px;
   margin-bottom: 0px;

/* Level 1 hover effects. */
#top_info > li:hover > a, #top_info > li > a:focus, #top_info > li > a.open {
backgroundurl(../images/theme/menu_gfx2.pngno-repeat 100% -60px;
webkit-box-shadowinset 0 4px 10px #e3e3e3;
-moz-box-shadowinset 0 4px 10px #e3e3e3;
box-shadowinset 0 4px 10px #e3e3e3;

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I've been playing with that section for weeks off and on but no joy! What you've added doesn't quite work as it makes the entire top_section drop down because of the height and margin changes. But what it did do is make me realize the triangle was positioned to far down to be seen.

So, I changed this:
background: url(../images/theme/menu_gfx2.png) no-repeat 100% -60px;
To this:
background: url(../images/theme/menu_gfx2.png) no-repeat 100% -70px;
Now, my only problem (as with your code, too) is centering it. The first two are centered properly but the last "Alerts" is not, when logged in. I'm pretty sure it is because of its width which is narrower than the other two. I need to find a way to make them all the same width or, at least, make the "Alerts" one wider.

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It also does the same for the Admin submenus:

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EDIT: In case some one needs a reference, here's the original 2.0 theme: