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Magic Eraser

Started by Skhilled, Nov 07, 2022, 07:20 PM

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Here's cool toy that works like Photoshop's magic eraser.



I chose a deliberately difficult image for it to do.


You cannot view this attachment.
I brushed over the blue pipes.


You cannot view this attachment. 

Not bad and could undoubtedly do better in a few stages with a more defined brush size (easily possible)

Great tool - cheers.

I'd get the MASTER pack (Magic Eraser PRO and Background Eraser PRO) if it was a one-off payment rather than an annual sub.

I'd only use occasionally so cant justify the $ annually.

Still free version at max 600x resolution is still fine for most website stuff.
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Quote from: Skhilled on Nov 07, 2022, 07:20 PMHere's cool toy that works like Photoshop's magic eraser.

Very interesting! :rgton


Yeah, that's kinda cool.
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I played around with it before scrolling down and seeing the preview, my result wasn't as good but decent enough. I can spend quite a bit of time removing items using various tools in Photoshop. I never really found the magic erase to be practical, but this is quite good.

One day, I'll upgrade to the latest version but until then I stick with the one I own and use sites like this to reduce the editing time.


I've been using PS since v1 (off and on...back then it was free, LOL) and to me it has always been the best tool for editing photos and images. But Magic Eraser works pretty well for what it does. :)