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Cloudflare and It's Sites Down???

Started by Skhilled, Nov 19, 2022, 07:03 PM

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I thought it was originally something on my end and went through a lot of trouble rebooting, etc. only to find out that maybe Cloudflare is down and so are all of the sites that are on it???

EDIT: Damn!!! A ton of sites are down including Google, porn sites, etc. that are using cloudflare!!!


A lot of the search engines are also not loading for me...

EDIT: Ok, an hour later and the sites are back up. :) I hope it stays that way. LOL


Ok, I found the problem. There was a VERY bad accident around the corner from me. I hear a car took out a number of telephone poles, etc. and there were a lot of ambulances trying to rescue a child or something. Anyhow, this is what was causing the lack of net for me.I'm sure there will be something in the news in the morning. My daughter is taking classes to be a state trooper and keeps up on  these things and I'm sure she'll let us know what happened before it becomes public news or about then.


I hope everyone is all right. That sucks there was an accident. Glad your net is back up though.
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Actually, it's off and on sometimes and I still don't have wifi. Good thing my PC is connected by ethernet and that works most of the time. :) I think I may have to reset my router and see if that fixes it...