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Security Measures for a 2.1 Forum ?

Started by LandyVlad, Oct 06, 2021, 10:29 PM

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Quote from: Skhilled on Oct 16, 2021, 07:21 AMI just tested this in RC4 and it will not let you separate them by commas. :( I think you have to enter them one by one...not surprised.

If this kind of post isn't allowed, sorry - remove it please. 

I joined today because I read this thread. I've been looking for a way to add these myself.  I wrote a sql query that will add all of them at once.  It can be edited to add more. The formatting is there.

You have to change it to fit your database prefix and ban group.  The table smf***_ban_items edit the *** to match your database. the '1' just happens to be my ban group as I only have a single group. The first spammer joined my server today using a yandex email address.

INSERT INTO `smf***_ban_items`(`id_ban_group`, `email_address`)
('1', '%@sogetthis.com'),
('1', '%@10minutemail.com'),
('1', '%@110mail.net'),
('1', '%@123people.com'),
('1', '%@126.com'),
('1', '%@163.com'),
('1', '%@1dl.us'),
('1', '%@2prong.com'),
('1', '%@anonymbox.com'),
('1', '%@bk.ru'),
('1', '%@bugmenot.com'),
('1', '%@deadaddress.com'),
('1', '%@discard.email'),
('1', '%@discardmail.com'),
('1', '%@dispostable.com'),
('1', '%@dodgit.com'),
('1', '%@e4ward.com'),
('1', '%@emailias.com'),
('1', '%@emailko.in'),
('1', '%@emailthe.com'),
('1', '%@email-unlimited.com'),
('1', '%@fakeinbox.com'),
('1', '%@filzmail.com'),
('1', '%@getairmail.com'),
('1', '%@gishpuppy.com'),
('1', '%@goemailgo.com'),
('1', '%@guerrillamail.*'),
('1', '%@hushmail.*'),
('1', '%@incognitomail.com'),
('1', '%@laposte.net'),
('1', '%@list.ru'),
('1', '%@mailcatch.com'),
('1', '%@maildrop.cc'),
('1', '%@mailex.org'),
('1', '%@mailinator.*'),
('1', '%@meltmail.com'),
('1', '%@mini.burmails.com'),
('1', '%@mintemail.com'),
('1', '%@nowmymail.com'),
('1', '%@o2.pl'),
('1', '%@ovi.com'),
('1', '%@qq.com'),
('1', '%@sneakemail.com'),
('1', '%@sogetthis.com'),
('1', '%@spamex.com'),
('1', '%@spamfree24.org'),
('1', '%@spamgourmet.com'),
('1', '%@techcrunch.com'),
('1', '%@tempemail.com'),
('1', '%@temp-mail.org'),
('1', '%@tipforus.us'),
('1', '%@trash-mail.com'),
('1', '%@trashmymail.com'),
('1', '%@urx7.com'),
('1', '%@whyspam.me'),
('1', '%@yandex.com'),
('1', '%@yopmail.com'),
('1', '%@xyzfree.net'),
('1', '%@zoemail.com')


I don't have any objection to this post. it's ok. :)
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Nice! I'm surprised I didn't think of that! LMAO


I figured if nothing else, I found the info on your site.  I took the time to format it to import in. This should save someone the trouble of having to do it.

I need to learn how to use regex :D 


After surfing the net for for over 35 years you'd assume I'd be a guru by now...NOT! LMAO

I do know some php and css but am no pro at either. I started to get into regex awhile back but have been too busy to get back into it. I found this to help me:



Well with 2.1.0 now released I'm revisiting this.

I do have a live forum (but very new) running 2.1RC4 and its just using questions, and there haven't been any problems so far. But its very new.
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I'm going to install it soon on a test forum and kick the tires to see how it goes. I've got a LOT of themes to update over at CZ now. ::)


I installed it and tried to set the time but screwed it up and thought something was wrong! LOL I knew I was tired and had a bad headache and should've just laid down for a nap first. LOL