Keeping track of code changes

Started by LandyVlad, Mar 19, 2019, 06:35 AM

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Can anyone suggest an efficient way of keeping track of changes done to smf files?

I'm thinking of just keeping track of what has been edited and why.

 (as opposed to what code specifically was changed, which is where @Bigguy 's winmerge tut is great.)

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I'm not to sure actually. I'll have to give that a bit of thought.


I saw your post on SMF and was going to say Github but was not sure how that would work.


With the last major cPanel update last year, Github was added to it. You should be able to see it there. If not, ask your hosting to turn it on.

The Old School way of keeping up is to just make comments within the files stating there was a change along with a date and who did it (if more than one person is working on it).

For keeping up with custom code changes and edits that were posted by live627 and Sych0, I put them in a Notepad++ file along with comments about how to do it. So if there are changes to the smf files when it updates I can easily find and add them or fix them.