What to do with mods when upgrading between versions.

Started by LandyVlad, Feb 11, 2019, 06:35 PM

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My brain is mush today....

With mods in general (and things like TP, SMF gallery, etc in particular) when an SMF version upgrade is needed the advice is generally to uninstall the mods, and then reinstall after the upgrade, correct?

When unistalling should the delete option also be selected, or can they just be left there ready to reinstall?

Assuming one doesn't tick the delete files option when uninstalling - on reinstall is all content, data, and settings retained?
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Mushy brain? Just look at an anatomy poster and you'll see why! Who made that mess! ;D

When upgrading between release candidates, you overwrite the files. You run the upgrader. Boring, routine stuff.

I don't know if the upgrader removes integration hooks. In fact, I don't even know if it clears the package log. I guess this is stuff I should really know. But I'm getting burnt out on all this garbage again so bleh.

So I'm not 100% on this sort of thing. My best guess is that you should uninstall all mods first. There is a checkbox entitled "Remove all data associated with this mod". Leave it empty. Don't need to delete any files.


Live627 is right. Because of the many code changes your mods may or may not work when you upgrade your forum. So, instead of screwing it up you should remove the mods and themes first.

Alternately, you can make an exact duplicate test site that has the mods and themes installed and upgrade it to see which ones will or will not work before going along with the actual upgrade.


When I upgrade and I am uninstalling mods. I do so even if the mod errors out. If I am uploading a fresh set of files and overwriting the existing ones anyway, most errors from mods can be ignored when uninstalling them to upgrade your SMF. It has always worked for me.


a follow up question.

Once a mod is uninstalled (and let's say that the files have been kept, ie check box NOT ticked)..

Is the 'delete' in the package manager only deleting the install package? It doesn't actually effect any of the mod data, is that correct?
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I reject your reality, and substitute my own.