Does delete boards/posts automatically remove from database?

Started by LandyVlad, Sep 12, 2021, 10:03 PM

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If I was to delete some boards (including the posts therein) from a forum does that automatically remove all that stuff from the database?

What about the attachments to the posts - does it delete those files from the server too?

I ask because I want to duplicate my existing 2.0.18 forum, cull it down a LOT, and then update to 2.1RC4 for experimentation etc.
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If you delete a board it will get rid of that board from the database. It has to be empty first before you can do this. If you get rid of all the topics in that board they will also be deleted from the database. Unless you have recycle topics on and then they will go to whatever board you have deemed for recycled posts/topics. As for attachments....I THINK they get deleted as well from the database as the post they were attached to is gone they should be as well. If not doing all your maintenance should clear anything else up.


Is there an easy way to delete all threads from a board?
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You can select all of them and delete, but that means doing it page by page.


How to select all?

This is what I see on any given page.
You cannot see attachments on this board.

and there's no way I'll be doing them individual thread by thread.

Even page by page surely there must be a quicker way?
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See at the very right of the message window....all those little icons (4 icons). You have to change that so it's checkboxes. Then you can select all of them and delete.


You can delete all topics from a board in Admin panel => Maintenance => Forum maintenance => Topics

Enter '0' value in
"Remove all topics not posted in for .... days", then check 'Any sort of topic' radiobutton.
Select board from drop-down list below, and then click "Remove now"

Also, you can delete topics from more than one board.


@Hatshepsut thanks you that was super awesomely helpful !

I managed to cull the forum right down so I can do an upgrade to 2.1RC4 next !
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I read this topic but got side-tracked and never responded to it...sorry. Hatshepsut is correct and that will work.