Started by Bigguy, Apr 26, 2019, 08:05 AM

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I was browsing the repositories on GH for something to do when I noticed their favicon change. Sometimes their favicon will have a check mark on it and sometimes it won't. I figured, maybe there is a way to do that here. I came across this repo. Would this be something we could use for SMF:



It looks like what I am talking about. How hard would this be. :ques


I don't think I got this right but we will see.


I got something to show but it is not tied in with the alerts. Oh well one step closer. :)


Sounds like a good idea. :)


I thought it was. I just need to tie into the alerts some how, lol.


I typically use favicon-generator.org for my sites - it makes the icon in numerous sizes and spits out the appropriate HTML code for them too (apple-touch-icon, etc.). Fairly straightforward.
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