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Norton and Avast complete merger

Started by Oldiesmann, Sep 17, 2022, 11:01 PM

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Not sure how I'm just now hearing about this (it was announced last year), though I haven't used anything from either company in years. https://investor.nortonlifelock.com/news/news-details/2022/NortonLifeLock-Completes-Merger-with-Avast/default.aspx

I found out about this after an article regarding Avast's recent acquisition of the company behind a popular browser extension called "I Don't Care About Cookies" popped up in my news feed in Chrome earlier. Apparently users of the extension aren't too thrilled with the news because of Avast's previous history of selling user data (see https://www.engadget.com/2020-01-27-avast-jumpshot-selling-user-data.html if you haven't heard about that)
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I haven't heard about this either. But haven't used either of them in awhile.


I hadn't heard about this. I tend to watch Linus Tech Tips and their news - so I wonder how? 🤔

That said, I have found Norton to be useless in the past. I use Kaspersky and never have issues, whereas when I paid for Norton it struggled to disinfect my computers and also seemed to make them run a lot slower. Avast, I have used but just like most free antiviruses they lack.

I wasn't even aware Norton was going under 'NortonLifeLock'.


Norton has been terrible for years...if not a decade now. Some even see it as a virus, or used to. I certainly don't use it.
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I get way too many emails/ads about Norton Life Lock. Started using Norton about 25 years or so ago. Was great then but I hate it now. LOL