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Started by Deaks, Jul 04, 2020, 09:37 PM

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Thanks for clicking on our showcase topic!

Over the last few weeks you may have seen the logo in my signature, well yesterday we launched officially!! ... woohoooo

What are you?

This is simple SMF Review is a review site for SMF Mods, done in a manner that is fair and supportive.  But what is great we are a community review site!  So when we release our review you get to also review the mod in the same topic!! So if you think our review is not your opinion you can post your own review.  We hope to create a one stop independent review site for all mods of SMF!

Is it free

I see alot of SMF names are you affiliated to SMF
SMF and SimpleMachines are registered trademarks of Simple Machines. SMFReview is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Simple Machines.

Hopefully that is enough for you, we use the limestone theme by idesignsmf that has some small changes to suit our needs, also a recolour to meet our needs.  One thing is we are not a support site so please do not ask for support on SMF Review for any mods.

We are happy to say that for our release we did review one of the most popular SMF Mods, Ad Management Mod, and to celebrate our release one lucky winner will get the Ad Seller Pro mod for free (we buy it for you), all you have to do is join and be active to get a chance to win this AMAZING mod.  This competition will run until the 3rd of August 2020 and the winner announced a few days later.  (we will be checking for duplicate accounts).

So come join us at

You can also follow us on:

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Sounds like a good idea for a site! :)

Good luck with it! :)