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{OLD} - New video courtesy of Skhilled, Thanks for posting it up.

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We hope you have a great stay here in our little corner of the web. Feel free to make yourself at home. We will try to make this experience here for you a good one. So pull up a chair and get comfortable. Community is a big part of this site. We want everyone to feel like they belong and are a part of things. Introduce yourself after you join so we can all get to know you and what your about.


The sole purpose of this site is to make your SM Forum creation/administration a lot easier. We do this by providing you with a friendly, relaxed community based environment, with members that are more than willing to help you out with anything you may need. If you're just starting out with SMF or your a novice then this is the place for you. We will help you learn what you need and teach you some tricks along the way.

SMF Mods

We also provide support for our own package modifications as well as mods from third-party authors. You can also find Theme support and custom code that has been put together by our members. Not only do we provide support for the ever popular SMF software but we also have a very nice members area for you to relax in. "From the beginner coder to the pro; we can help out. Come on in and check us out."

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How do I center my logo, smf 2.1.4, using CleanTek2


Yup! It's finally available!


WOW! If you set it to watch youtube vids using DDG you won't see any ads!!! :hdan


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I've managed to screw up the SMF Hall of Fame mod

I think my brain has failed. I went to install the latest version so I uninstalled the existing one (did NOT tick to remove info from database)then deleted from package manager and uploaded new version and installed.

BUT not it's telling me Nothing to Show YetRead More


I get these errors, and would appreciate some guidance please.

Type Action Description
1. Extract File ./Sources/Unicode//QuickCheck.php
2. Extract File ./Themes/default/css//attachments.css
3. Extract File ./Themes/default/scripts//jquery-3.6.3.min.js
* 4. Execute Modification


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Been playing with this for a few months now and am liking it! It's kind of an Office type but for emails, reminders, tasks, etc. and very secure. You can collaborate with teams and a lot more!


A couple of days ago, after an update, I found out that they have SecurePass Mail.


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on github it appears to have been sitting at 100% complete for over week now.

As it hasn't been released does that mean that it's being tested to ensure there are no issues that need to be addressed in this revision?

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