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10-year-old Windows bug with 'opt-in' fix exploited in 3CX attack

Started by Skhilled, Apr 02, 2023, 09:25 PM

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A 10-year-old Windows vulnerability is still being exploited in attacks to make it appear that executables are legitimately signed, with the fix from Microsoft still "opt-in" after all these years. Even worse, the fix is removed after upgrading to Windows 11.



Even worse, the fix is removed after upgrading to Windows 11.

Well isn't that just marvelous.  >:(

QuoteIt is now close to ten years later, with the vulnerability known to be exploited by numerous threat actors. Yet, it remains an opt-in fix that can only be enabled by manually editing the Windows Registry.

So basically - only the technically minded, not most Windows users.

Quote"when a fix is optional, the masses aren't going to be protected," [/quote

QuoteBleepingComputer reached out to Microsoft about the continued abuse of this flaw and it only being an opt-in fix but has not received a reply.

Quelle Surprise.

Note - the article linked by @Skhilled does include the fix - the registry changes to be made manually.
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