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Remove signatures in a particular thread?

Started by LandyVlad, Mar 04, 2019, 09:56 pm

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I'd like to remove all the signatures from posts in a particular thread (but not globally on the forum).

Is there an easier way rather than going into each post and editing individually?


Not that I remember. There are no thread options to do this and I don't think any board permissions either, which probably would not help seeing as you just want one particular thread. You would probably have to do it manually. Maybe someone else has some ideas.



Is this for a particular member? Was the member banned it deleted? I'm sure there is a way but prolly via the db.


Well I posted a whole heap of stuff in a thread and with sigs it breaks it up and looks rubbish.

I went back and manually selected 'do not show signature' in each post. Did the job.

Would be good to have a way to set particular boards (or even threads) to 'not show signature'



Yes, that would be a nice feature.


When making a post you can select in additional features 'don't use smilies'. It would be good to have a 'don't use signature' option at the same place.