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Started by Bigguy, Feb 09, 2019, 06:26 PM

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Just downloaded another update last night. 19002.1 vb_release. Will install it today at some point.


...And after you update to that there is another update, lmao. This is just one single KB though so no big deal.


So, since I last posted I have upgrade at least 3 times. Another one is coming down the pipe as we speak. It's gettin a bit annoying really. No new features that I see anywhere, just improvements to what is here.


Now I am on build 20241.re_prerelease_201016-1450 What a bumpy road. :( :rflmao


Build infor has changed. Updated the other day to:

Windows 10 Pro
Evaluation 20251.fe_release. 201030 1438.

Just some small fixes I think in this one. It's gettin a bit tiresome though, always updating. :bnghd


Get a proper windows copy ;) :emb

The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe


I have a proper windows copy but for as long as I can remember I have been in the insiders program.