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Started by Ronald, Sep 24, 2019, 03:48 PM

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QuoteHi there,
REF: Primary Domain
If you want us to change your main domain name, only we can do it for you.
I see this is active online...
you must please first remove the new domain name...or else we cannot change it to the main domain.
if it is added in your cPanel domain manager, please reply to this ticket when it is removed from your cpanel / and offline.

your main domain name will always point to your public_html folder this is the default setting for cpanel, and cannot be changed.
if we change your main domain name, you will have to change your scripts home urls, and FTP accounts and email addresses would also change.

I don't really understand this?


Ah! Now I get what is going on. You want the account of the hosting to have the main domain name changed. Yes, they must change it first, then you can run repair_settings.php to change the links/directories on your site.

I had assumed that you had put it in a subdirectory. If you had it there then, yes, you could just run repair_settings without any problems. Since it is in the parent directory and/or will be part of the account's listed domain then you must let them change it first.



cpanel doesn't allow you to change the main domain to a domain that already exists on the server.

Also, the main domain document root points to public_html, if you attempt to change the main domain to a domain that was added as an addon domain to its own document root, you will have to move the website to public_html.

With SMF, I do remember it has some static paths that need to be updated after such a move and could indeed potentially break your forum.

I do not recommend doing this change unless you know how to fix these issues.


Steve it is in the main domains, see image: You cannot see attachments on this board.


Any site you put in the root /public_html folder will be controlled by whatever your account domain is. You can move the site to a subfolder without having to ask the hosting to change the main account domain. Then you can always redirect the main domain to where your site's subfolder resides. So, anyone trying to access coffeetime would send users to and of course, they could just use to access the new site.

This has the benefit so old users who may not be aware of the domain name change will automatically be redirected to ;)

Personally, I believe your site should always be in a subfolder regardless. Theoricically, if a hacker takes over your forum they would normally only have access to that folder and it's subfolders unless everything on your server has the same login, user and pass. If your site resides in /public_html then they could possibly control all of the sites on the server.