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What is process for upgrading a forum from 2.0.17 to 2.1RCx ?

Started by LandyVlad, Jan 31, 2020, 01:37 AM

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Ok so someone (possibly me) has undoubtedly asked this in some form or other.

When RC3 comes out, I want to create a copy of my existing 2.0.17 forum (as 2.1_test), and upgrade the test forum to 2.1RC3

I'd need to ensure it doesn't affect the existing forum, and that stuff done to the test forum doesn't send messages to regular users etc (as they will get super confused).

If anyone can go through the process for me, and/or point me to appropriate threads/resources (here or on the simplemachines forum) that'd be great.

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To create a copy of your forum:

1.  Backup your forum's files and the database in case something goes wrong!

2.  Create a new database and import the backup to it using phpmyadmin.

3.  Create a new directory and upload the files to it.

4.  Upload repair_settings.php: https://download.simplemachines.org/index.php?tools

5.  Run: https://yourforum.com/repair_settings.php.

6.  Change all instances of any links and directories in it to the new forum and database.

7.  Open settings.php and make sure all instances of the old directories and db are changed to the new directory and db.

8.  Login in and enjoy!

EDIT: Here's something a little more detailed I wrote some years ago:



It's point 6 I'm unclear on. Are you able to give an example please?
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When you run repair_settings.php, you'll see various settings that contain links to things like your main forum directory, your theme folders, etc. If your current live site is in the folder "/site1" and your test site is in "/site2" then make sure they all say "/site2".


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And if URL's show "http" change them to "https".



Haven't done it yet mate - other things keeping me busy I'm afraid.
Can wait for RC3.
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That might not mean a lot if problems arise with the next push.