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Backup those files BEFORE manually editing them

PC Building Simulator

Started by Skhilled, May 12, 2020, 09:05 AM

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But is it just a game or does it check compatibility like pc parts picker ?
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You can't buy the parts through the sim if that's what you mean. It will teach you how to build a PC and allow you to try various configurations as well as build a business selling them, within the software. It does use real world parts.

I have not got it just yet but plan to...


Ok, installed and started playing with the tutorial section but didn't finish it just yet. Here's some of the features I've noticed:

1. This sim has a tutorial on how to build a PC.

2. Has a free build mode so you can do as you wish without any penalties.

3. The tutorial makes you screw and unscrew the screws, choose parts as well as exactly where to place them and will not let you place them anywhere else. Gives very good instruction! You have to remove panels then install the parts and replace the panels and test the parts.

4. It chooses the parts for you. In game mode you get to choose any brand name part you wish. They have real live brand name parts shown as the real things, parts you would find at a real parts store, best brand names. You also have to make the parts work with amd, intel, linux, windows, etc. and can then build a business selling them.

5.  You get rated by your customers on how well you do. LOL

It's a very detailed game. Says updates have been put on hold cause of COVID-19 for now but still works great. There's a lot of guides and walkthroughs at Steam. Nothing hectic like regular games and can go at your own pace, unless a customer needs an order, I'd think. Haven't looked at the actual game just yet, only the tutorial.

I've always wanted to try water cooling but was afraid cause if something breaks you'll get water all over your system and prolly lose everything. Doing this, I can try it without any problems. 8)


OK well yeah that does sound useful.

At the moment I have a REAL system I'm bloody troubleshooting.
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