Xenforo to SMF 2.1?

Started by LandyVlad, Jan 11, 2021, 06:16 PM

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I'm on a Xenforo forum and the owner is looking at possibilities to update/change the forum.

Is there a way I could (assuming the cooperation of the other forum owner) import that forum from Xenforo into an SMF 2.1 (RC3 for now) forum, to test it and show the owner what it would look like as an SMF forum?

What would I need? Just the database? Or all files?
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On most conversions you just need the database, they convert the tables to play nicely with SMF.
Do they have a converter written for Xenforo?


The only converter I could find is this one, which is pretty old: https://simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=512266.0
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You could try converting to a forum that has a convert maybe phpbb? then from that forum to smf.


Imo, myBB seems like the best bet. A lot of forums no longer keep up with their conversions. You should be able to convert Xenforo to myBB:


Then convert myBB to SMF:


Yes, it may be a lengthy process but that would be the best route as a lot of the other conversions are pretty old.

As always, backup! And do a test site to play with it.


I'd try both ways & see which is closer!   ;D

Have problems, just ask.

It'd be nice to have a current XF => SMF converter.


I no longer need this but thanks folks.

Another case of someone preferring to just allow a forum to disappear rather than hand it to someone else with the motivation to keep it going. shrugs.
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